Sony SA-W3000 Subwoofer Review

Sony SA-W3000When you are looking for an affordable subwoofer for your surround sound system, the Sony SA-W3000 should be among your list of possible choices. Part of the Performance Line series, it is designed to make movies and music come alive with close to cinematic effects. To avoid disappointment and get the most out of your sound system, it is extremely important to do your homework before purchasing any piece of electronic equipment.


Important Sony SA-W3000 Features


If you are not technically inclined, choosing the right subwoofer can prove to be a somewhat daunting task. The good news is this…you’re not alone! Countless consumers fall into the same category and feel just as lost as you do. The following five features are generally the most important things to consider, when purchasing a subwoofer.

  • Size
  • Frequency Response
  • Motion Feedback Technology
  • Speaker and Line Level Inputs
  • Warranty

Having a firm understanding of each of them will make the decision process easier. I am going to explain each important feature and show you how, along with why, these features should influence your buying decision.

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The size of a subwoofer is important. You want it to be large enough to provide adequate sound, but not so large as to shake your house and disturb the neighbors whenever you use it.

This Sony 180-watt subwoofer measures approximately 17 inches all the way around and weighs 35 pounds. While it still “packs a punch,” it doesn’t take up a lot of space and is relatively light-weight, This makes moving it from room to room easy.

Some consumers are under the impression that a large subwoofer will sound better than a small one. This is simply not true. The size of the case has nothing to do with sound quality. It’s the components inside that make the difference.


Frequency Response


This Sony SA-W3000 subwoofer has a frequency response of 20Hz-200hz. This range represents a more than adequate level when it comes to your overall listening pleasure.


Speaker and Line Level Inputs


Line level input refers to the strength of the audio signal used to move analog sound from one piece of audio equipment to another. It helps to reduce or eliminate distortion, especially you are listening to loud music. This Sony subwoofer is equipped with the feature.


Motion Feedback Technology


Motion research technology is not a new concept. Sony was awarded a patent for motion feedback technology in 1996. In a nutshell, this technology balances out subwoofer movement with the sound that will be produced, for a better quality bass sound. It also plays a role in reducing speaker distortion and extending frequency response.




You should never purchase a product that isn’t covered by a warranty. Doing so means that you are responsible for paying for any repairs. In the event that the item cannot be fixed you have no recourse other than spending more money to replace it.

Sony has been manufacturing top quality products since 1946. Today, they are a multi-billion dollar conglomerate, ranked #5 in the world. They stand by their merchandise and always do their best to rectify the situation when a problem occurs.


What’s Included


  • Sony SA-W3000 Performance Line 12″ 180-Watt Subwoofer
  • RCA cable


Is There a Warranty?


Yes, Sony offers a one-year limited manufacturer warranty on both parts and labor for the Sony SA-W3000.


What Customers are Saying


Consumers agreed that it is a great subwoofer for the price. One of the reviewers mentioned that it has a decent range and good volume.


Anyone Complaining?


As you might expect, there are some complaints about the Sony SA-W3000 subwoofer. It is virtually impossible to please everyone, even when the products are of the highest quality.

Some people complain that the subwoofer is simply not powerful enough and they don’t see a noticeable difference with or without it. However, it should be noted that this problem may have something to do with the size of room the subwoofer is located in.


Pros and Cons


Many times, you will find that even after reading customer reviews you still find yourself wondering whether or not the product is for you. This is a good time to consider pros and cons, which will go a long way in helping you make an informed final decision. The pros of this subwoofer are:

  • Made (and guaranteed) by Sony, a company you can trust.
  • Easy setup, right out of the box.
  • Superior sound clarity.
  • Affordable price.


The cons of this subwoofer are:

  • Sound quality is weak, even at maximum level.
  • Intermittent sound distortion, even after adjustments have been made.
  • The auto on/off feature is sometimes difficult to control.
  • It’s not especially suited for large rooms.


Final Thoughts


The Sony SA-W3000 subwoofer is a solid product at an affordable price. The majority of individuals who purchase it are satisfied with their decision. Not only is it appropriate for music lovers, it also enhances the quality of family movie night… especially if an action movie happens to be on the agenda.

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All in all, this particular subwoofer is definitely worth your consideration. It’s manufactured by Sony, a company you can trust. There really is no reason to spend hundreds of dollars on a subwoofer when you have choices such as this.