Onkyo SKW204 Sub Woofer Review

Onkyo SKW204Many are raving about the Onkyo SKW204 as this can do many things for people who are looking for a great subwoofer. Many say it feels like an earth quake when you get this one. There is much to brag about this as it has a lot of LFE’s which is what you will find in music and movies. However, you will be sure not to miss anything when you get this. There are some features that many of you will love. What are some of those?

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Product Features and Specifications

  • Bass reflex power
  • ten inch cone
  • 230 W maximum power
  • 26 pounds
  • Ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping

The Reviews

Many will tell you that they like the sound even when you have low sound levels. Many will tell you that you have a great subwoofer if you want one that is great with another system. Some have said that when they used this as a stand-alone one, it didn’t do them the justice they were looking for. Part of that was because at high volumes you do have some distortion.


Something else that you might need to be aware of is that many other users have noticed that they are a bit sensitive when you have other electrical lines around. It also doesn’t go to standby as fast as some would like as well as it does tend to hum for the first fifteen minutes. However, for the price and such, it has the greatest sound and a great bass to go with that.

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One of the last things that others have said is that this is one of the more powerful subwoofers that you could imagine. Due to the fact that Onkyo SKW204 has advanced features, you do pay more, but many have said that given the price, you still pay a fair amount. Overall, it’s great and does the right amount of justice for what you need it to do.