Klipsch Sub-12HG Review

Klipsch Sub-12HGThe Klipsch Sub-12HG is a down-firing, full-size subwoofer with a 12-in woofer and 300 watt amplifier. Measuring 18 inches high, 15 inches wide and 20 inches deep, this is not a compact sub. It does have adjustable feet to keep it from rocking when placed on the floor. It has a large venting port to eliminate fuzz and audio distortion. Let’s have a look at the rest of the special features that the Klipsch Sub-12HG has to offer.


Klipsch Sub-12HG Key Features


Not all subwoofers will serve the purpose you want it to serve. It is important to know what it is you are looking for, what features you need, before you make a purchase. The Klipsch Sub-12HG has the following features:

  • Line-level and speaker-level inputs for compatibility
  • 12-inch woofer gives deep, rich bass tones
  • 300 watt amplifier for wall-shaking power
  • 12-inch fiber-composite cone eliminates most of the buzzing
  • Automatic on/off/standby to conserve energy

Each of these features add something to the subwoofer, making it different from it’s competition. I am going to show you how and why each of these unique features should influence your final decision.

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Line-level and Speaker-level Inputs


Different manufacturers use different types of connections in their audio equipment. Having both line-level and speaker-level inputs means you will be able to connect this subwoofer to any stereo or home theater components. You can even change some of your components and this will still fit right in.


12-inch Woofer


To get the best bass sounds you need a full-sized woofer. Compact 8 or 9-inch subs do not have nearly the same wall-shaking capabilities as a full 12 inches. If you are used to smaller woofers you will be surprised at the difference. You will not want to go back after hearing the deep, rich bass from a full 12-inch sub.


300 Watt Amplifier


The digital amplifier in the Klipsch Sub-12HG delivers 300 watts of continuous power, and can put out up to 650 watts dynamically. The down-firing will have your floor bouncing as you listen to music. You will be glad of the adjustable feet to keep it from rocking and moving across the floor.


12-inch Fiber-composite Cone


A fiber-composite cone will eliminate some of the fuzz that occurs when the cone vibrates. It keeps the deep bass tones clearer than a synthetic cone. It is also more durable than an all paper cone.


Automatic on/off/standby


This product is energy efficient, it goes into standby mode when not in use, and will shut off automatically. You will not be bothered by a fuzzy humming when your system is not in use. There is a LED light that turns red in standby mode and blue when on.

klipsch sub-12hg synergy series

What’s Included?

  • A 18 X 14 X 20 inch cabinet containing the subwoofer


Does it Have a Warranty?


Yes, the Klipsch Sub-12HG comes with a two-year parts and labor manufacturer’s warranty.

Customer’s Reviews of the Klipsch Sub-12HG


Majority of the consumers who bought this subwoofer feel it is a powerful piece of home audio equipment that delivers booming bass sounds. One of the reviewers mentioned that it is easy to set up and the product quality is excellent.


Any Complaints?


The two primary consumer complaints were a buzzing noise, and the subwoofer’s physical appearance. Some consumers believed the composite cone caused a constant “buzzing” noise whenever the subwoofer was in use. Also, other consumers did not like the way the high-gloss black plastic affected the subwoofer’s look.

Customers who voiced complaints about the “buzzing” later realized the noise went away completely after checking the way the subwoofer was connected to home theater’s and stereo systems. Adjusting the frequency also removed the noise making most complaining consumers revise their opinion by stating carefully reviewing the user manual before use would help avoid the problem.

The few customers who wished the subwoofer had a wood veneer instead of black plastic did admit that they knew what the subwoofer looked like prior to making their purchase. They were happy with the subwoofer’s actual performance, and acknowledged there own opinion change had nothing to do with the manufacturer or the overall quality of the product.


The Pros and Cons


In order to make an informed decision before purchasing this product you need to consider both the good and the bad aspects of it. You may not mind some of the small flaws if the good points are what you are looking for. The pros of the Klipsch Sub-12HG subwoofer are:

  • Full-sized woofer for deep bass sounds
  • Down-firing to put the bass at your feet where you can feel it best
  • Great sound for the price


The subwoofer’s cons are:

  • Composite cone instead of paper
  • High-gloss trim, a wood would look better
  • Too heavy to hang on the wall


Final Thoughts


Klipsch Sub-12HG reviewThis is one subwoofer that will make your walls shake when you watch action movies, or listen to loud music. However, even though your walls are shaking, you will be able to hear every nuance of the audio. It has enough power to deliver deep, accurate bass tones whether watching a movie or listening to music. While it is not a high-end, top-of-the-line component, it is much more affordable and for its performance, worth more than the sticker price.

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