Definitive Technology SuperCube III Review

Definitive Technology SuperCube IIIThe Definitive Technology SuperCube III uses a new technology allowing for the same deep, rumbling bass sounds from much bigger units. It is smaller than subwoofers that come standard in most home theater systems, but has the power and quality of subs twice its size. It has a hard beating 650 -watt digital amplifier that will have your windows rattling. It is equipped with all the different inputs, so it easily attaches to your existing system. Let me show you some of the unique features of this Definitive Technology SuperCube III subwoofer that you should take note.


Key Features of the Definitive Technology SuperCube III


When it comes time to buy new subwoofers for your sound system, you will want to be sure it has the features you are looking for. You may be more concerned with one that works best for theater applications. There are features that work best for listening to music. Decide what you need, and look for those features before buying.

  • Built-in 650-watt amplifier for house-rocking power
  • One 7.5-inch woofer with two 7.5-inch radiators for those deep rich bass tones
  • High-gloss piano black finish to look elegant anywhere
  • 10.25-inch cube will fit almost anywhere
  • Frequency range of 16Hz to 200Hz to capture all the bass tones

Knowing what each key feature is, and how it will affect your audio quality, will help you make the best choice.

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650-watt Built-in Amplifier


You will never be short of power with this amplifier. This subwoofer comes with an amplifier that supplies enough power that you will not need any additional equipment to keep your subwoofer’s power supply stable. Having a 650-watt amplifier built-in is a unique bonus since most subwoofer’s of this size only come with external amplifiers that often supply less power.


One 7.5-inch Woofer combined with Two 7.5-inch Radiators


This is what makes the Definitive Technology SuperCube III state of the art technology. The combination of woofer and radiators gives a total piston area greater than 12-inches. The smaller sizes means the speed and response will be higher too. You get the tones and beat of much larger cones.


High-Gloss Piano Black Finish


The elegant look of this subwoofer makes it fit in even the most formal room. It is easily wiped clean with a damp cloth.




10.25-inches all around, this compact unit will fit in, under or on your home theater system. You can hang it on the wall easily to get true surround sound. It can also be easily tucked out of sight.


Wide Frequency Range


The larger the frequency range, the more bass tones you will hear. This creates a full, rich sound good for either movies or listening to music. The ranges also are important when you want to be able to use it with a movie and then switch to listen to music. A full range means you will not miss out on any of the bass sounds.


What Comes With It?


  • One cube-shaped subwoofer


Does it have a Manufacturer’s Warranty?


Yes, the Definitive Technology SuperCube III come’s with a 5 year manufacturer warranty on the driver and cabinets, along with a three year warranty on the electronic components. In order to take advantage of the prompt warranty service offered, you must mail in the warranty service card included with your system within 10 days of receiving the SuperCube. The warranty date begins on the original purchase date, not on the day you receive the subwoofer or send in the warranty card.


What the Customers are Saying


The Definitive Technology SuperCube III has gotten high ratings online. Customers are saying it is superb sound in a compact container. Purchasers are happy with their choice of subwoofer with this product. One of the reviewers mentioned that it is an excellent choice for a bedroom.


Is Anyone Complaining?


Finding complaints about the SuperCube III was extremely difficult. Most customers had nothing but good things to say about the subwoofer, but there was one thing some customers had a problem with. Once the subwoofer was turned up near maximum volume a buzzing noise could be heard. Since most customers did not seriously test the limitations of the SuperCube they did not experience a problem, but some customers said playing with the audio settings and connection avoids the problem altogether.


Pros and Cons


Anytime you shop for home theater or stereo equipment that is as complex as a subwoofer there will be good and bad about each item. Being aware of the potentially negative aspects will give you the opportunity to decide if what is considered a “con” would seriously affect you. In many cases, the pros will far outweigh any potential cons.

The pros of the SuperCube are:

  • Compact yet powerful
  • Deep, rich bass tones
  • Elegant looks


The cons of the SuperCube are:

  • Gets a buzzing sound when you crank it to crazy-high levels
  • A bit heavy considering its size


Final Thoughts


Choosing a subwoofer is not an easy process, but finding a different subwoofer with these benefits for this price is going to be extremely difficult. Some consumers have purchased subwoofers that cost thousands of dollars, but had fewer features. Additionally, the compact size of the Definitive Technology SuperCube III make it easier to transport the subwoofer during a move, or set it up in an extremely small location. If you are looking for a subwoofer that is compact, affordable, and produces clear audio this one subwoofer that you should seriously consider.

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