BIC America F12 Subwoofer Review

BIC America F12The BIC America F12 front-firing subwoofer has a 475-watt amplifier that combines with a 12-inch long-throw woofer to put deep bass sounds that can be felt in most medium-sized rooms. It has an adjustable cross-over to control the frequencies for the media you are using. The adjustable volume comes in handy when neighbors start complaining about the whole room shaking from the bass.


Key Features of the BIC America F12


One subwoofer design can differ greatly from another. There are certain subwoofer designs and features that are better suited for watching movies, and some are better for playing music. Knowing what you need, and what the product offers means you will not be returning the product because it was not what you wanted. The main features that separate this subwoofer from others are:

  • Front-firing so the sound gets pushed out into the room instead of toward the floor
  • Adjustable frequency crossover allows both DVD’s and CD’s to be played at their optimum levels
  • A “Venturi” vent to stop any port noise
  • Two Dolby technologies giving you analog or digital capabilities
  • Magnetic shielding to protect TV’s, monitors or hard drives

Having a clear understanding of how these features will affect your ability to use and enjoy your subwoofer can make choosing a subwoofer easier. I am going to explain each key feature and hopefully help you make an informed decision.

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Some subwoofers are bottom-firing; meaning the sound waves are pushed out the bottom of the casing. This subwoofer model pushes the sound out the front and sides of the unit, spreading it evenly. Having a subwoofer that pushes sound out of the front and sides is extremely important if you live in an upstairs apartment, or are planning to use the unit in an upstairs room. Also, when the sound waves are pushed from the bottom the audio often becomes muffled. Owning a front-firing subwoofer helps to keep your audio experience pure.


Adjustable Crossover Frequencies


Bass sounds run across a fairly large range of frequencies. Adjusting the crossover frequency means all sounds below the set frequency are routed to the subwoofer. Sounds above that frequency go to the main or surround speakers. This adjustment is most notable when changing from a movie to music, and finding the proper frequencies can bring movie audio to life.


“Venturi” Vent


Port noise is a common complaint in subwoofers. The “Venturi” vent is patented by Bic for use in the BIC America F12 to eliminate unwanted noises. This unique venting option is extremely well known among buyers with previous subwoofer experience since the “Venturi” vent promises one of the highest qualities of crisp sound.


Two Dolby Technologies


The production of music and sounds have had great technological advances. Having Dolby Pro Logic and Dolby Digital/DTS capabilities means you will be able to get the best bass sounds whether you are playing media that was recorded with analog or in digital technologies.


Magnetic Shielding


Subwoofers contain small magnets. These create an electromagnetic field that can pull at the magnets in other electronic devices. It may ruin a CRT monitor, or can erase data from a hard drive. The BIC America F12 has magnetic shielding to keep your other devices safe.


What’s Included?


  • A 17 x 14-3/4 x 17-1/4 inches subwoofer


Is There a Warranty?


Yes, the BIC America F12 has a five-year manufacturer’s warranty on parts and labor.


Customer Reviews


The majority of purchasers feel this subwoofer is one of the top in its price range. One of the reviewers mentioned that it is the perfect addition to his home theater room.


The Complaints


The only complaint customers had about this subwoofer was the occasional “muddy” sound. Some users stated after the initial setup the sound sometimes has a “muffled” quality, especially when listening to music. These users later updated their reviews to say the sound became clearer once they learned how to use the advanced volume options to adjust and smooth out the audio.


The Pros and the Cons


Leaning about the pros and cons of the BIC America F12 subwoofer will help you decide if it is the best option for you. Like most products, the subwoofer has good points and a few points that are not so good. The pros of this subwoofer are:

  • Powerful enough to shake the whole house
  • Strong lower frequencies for a lower bass
  • Great sound for movies


The cons of the subwoofer are:

  • A bit muddy when playing music
  • Back panel gets a bit hot with continued use
  • Only available in black
  • Not so great for music


Final Verdict


This BIC America F12 shows us you get what you pay for. While it is probably the best subwoofer in its price range, it is not the highest quality piece. It would work well for someone on a tight budget; definitely better than no sub at all. If you are not looking for precision in your home theater sound system, this would more than fit the bill and shake your walls. If, however, you are a true audiophile, you might not be impressed.

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